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Leachate is highly complex waste and requires high quality designed solutions to meet stringent discharge limits. Response provides full turnkey solutions for the treatment of high strength landfill leachate and have successfully designed, built and operated biological treatment processes to treat this waste.

This can be on the following basis: 

  • Design and Build (DB)
  • Design and Build and Operate (DBO)
  • Operation and Maintenance

Our design, build and operate capability gives our clients access to:

  • The most economic solution in terms of time, capital cost and energy efficiency
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Innovative and tailored design
  • Long term solutions that will last up to 25 years
  • Risk management
  • Best practice in Health and Safety
  • Experienced project and process management teams
  • Technical support and scientific expertise
  • Regular monitoring of performance efficiencies and plant optimisation
  • Consultancy on regulatory issues relating to environmental compliance
  • Laboratory analysis

Please click on any of the Response built leachate treatment sites below for specific project information.

Leachate Treatment

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We provide sustainable solutions to manage sludge generated from treatment plants.

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