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Response Engineering Ltd. was formed in 1998 and is now established as one of Irelands’ leading Water and Wastewater Treatment Companies. Response specialises in the design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of Water and Wastewater plants with all associated M&E, Civil & Environmental activities in Ireland and the UK. The Response Group Head Office is located in Charleville, Co. Cork and the UK office is in Liphook, Hampshire. Response has several regional offices throughout Ireland to provide a nationwide service.

Since its inception Response has built an unblemished record in the Water & Wastewater sector. Over €200m of work has been completed  to date and with an untarnished Health & Safety record.

With a projected  turnover of circa €25 Million in 2015 and profitable every year since incorporation, Response has a dedicated  staff of 100 who possess a deep understanding of the diverse needs of the municipal and industrial water and wastewater industry and is accustomed to managing the fluctuating volumes and types of waste that arise from treatment plants.


Response Group can offer complete design services and plant construction including both civil engineering works and mechanical & electrical works carried out by our in-house staff. We offer customers a wide choice of plant options and types, as well as providing in-house services such as Design and Build (DB) and Design Build & Operate (DBO). In addition, our network of sites strategically located around the country enables our skilled workforce to respond rapidly to customer needs wherever they arise. All our engineers are fully qualified in their respective fields and are highly experienced. As a result we can offer our clients a seamless package at any stage of their project.

We know that water matters. 

At Response Group, we have built our reputation on delivering excellent water treatment, waste water treatment and industrial effluent treatment solutions.

Industry, technology and climate change are all influencing the ways in which we manage our water, now and in the future. The relationship between the demands of our modern society and the resources on which we all depend is becoming increasingly fragile.

Irish organisations, and companies everywhere are evolving to accommodate rapid environmental change and we are showing every day how the services that people need can be provided whilst respecting our local and global environment. At a time when complying with an increasing amount of regulation is at the front of customers’ thoughts, our proven commitment to the highest standards of environmental sustainability and health and safety means that our partners can be confident when they put their faith in Response Group.

We exist to help you. That’s why our company is organised and run so that we can achieve our best. This means delivering results consistently, satisfying our customers daily and

devising coherent and innovative answers to often complex problems. Response Engineering offer "whole life" solutions in the provision and facilities management of water and

wastewater treatment installations. We provide a service which ranges from feasibility studies, through detailed design and construction, to long term facilities management.

We are experienced service providers in the undertaking of Design / Build and Design, Build & Operate contracts for the municipal, industrial and commercial sectors. Our extensive

operational expertise allows us to offer a service in problem solving and process optimisation at existing plants.

In the environmental sector we have successfully designed, constructed and operated major municipal leachate treatment plants at municipal landfill sites.

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We help local authorities devise and deliver sustainable water solutions

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Industrial & Pharmaceutical Effluent Treatment

We work with private companies to meet their diverse operational needs.



Diffused Aeration Systems

We design, fabricate, install and maintain our own range of industry products.

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Main Office: Response Group, Railway Road, Charleville, County Cork, Ireland