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At Response Group, innovation begins with our people – skilled practitioners who are committed to delivering superior professional and technical expertise and service excellence to clients in Ireland and the UK. That commitment inspires the pursuit of novel solutions that substantially improve project delivery and performance and drive important social, environmental and economic benefits.  

Our innovators are continuously developing or adapting advanced technologies, discovering new ways to apply proven techniques, and implementing creative approaches to solve complex challenges. 

Our Collaboration with Nimbus

Response collaborates with Nimbus & The Water Systems and Services Innovation Centre (WSSIC) to deliver some of our water projects. The WSSIC is a joint venture between Cork City Council, Cork County Council and the Nimbus Centre at Cork Institute of Technology. WSSIC creates an expert resource in modernising water infrastructure by taking advantage of Nimbus’ technological knowledge and leveraging experience in Water Resource operation. WSSIC harnesses state-of-the-art technology in water quality monitoring, leakage reporting & repair, remote monitoring and much more on its projects, encompassing embedded system design, wireless technologies, website design, programming, optics, sol-gel and polymer chemistry, electrochemistry, miniaturisation, advanced control systems, process optimisation, case studies and workflow design.

"We cannot solve a problem by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. [A. Einstein]" 

Nimbus Centre CIT

Municipal Water



We help local authorities devise and deliver sustainable water solutions

Industrial &


Industrial & Pharmaceutical Effluent Treatment

We work with private companies to meet their diverse operational needs.



Diffused Aeration Systems

We design, fabricate, install and maintain our own range of industry products.

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